Petra Diamonds, South Africa, Angola, Sierra Leone | Print |

The Petra group has over the last 10 years developed a range of social initiatives in order to make a meaningful impact upon the lives of its employees and surrounding communities. Petra’s focus on sustainable development is via educational programmes and skills transfer. In this way, it ensures a broad based approach with a lasting legacy

Youth recreation and education by Rockwell Diamonds, South Africa | Print |

Rockwell Diamonds which mines diamonds in South Africa believes in sharing the value created from its operations with a wider set of stakeholders through the alignment and linkage of its business and its social responsibilities. Rockwell's aim is to conduct business in a way that achieves sustainable growth while demonstrating a high degree of social responsibility by working with the community and the environment in which it operates.

Corporate citizenship by the Rosy Blue Group, India, USA, Belgium | Print |

The Rosy Blue Group believes corporate citizenship is an essential part of its operations. The firm has a commitment to give back to the communities in which its employees live and work, and where it carries out business. Since Rosy Blue's business operations are based across several continents, from Belgium to India and Africa, it runs a range of social responsibility programs.

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