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The extraction of ethical gold ensures the livelihood of small artisanal mining communities in Argentina and Peru, where the use of mercury, cyanide and arsenic is banned.
By hand-crafting jewelry made from ethical gold and persuading consumers to buy such jewellery, the impact of mining on the environment is dramatically reduced while providing support for the development of communities in need.
This more responsible and environmentally friendly method of extracting precious metal makes ethical gold more expensive than its conventional industrial counterpart meaning consumers usually have to pay a premium for eco-friendly gold. However, Garavelli plans to offer its Globo collection at a lower fixed rate than that established daily for “traditional” gold, therefore making it a responsible and even more affordable option for consumers.
Buyers of Globo jewellery will also have the chance to be an active participant in global charity projects since Garavelli has pledged a $1,000 donation benefitting humanitarian organization Terres des Hommes for each 100 Globo pieces sold worldwide.
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