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Namakwa Diamonds has mining operations in South Africa, Angola, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Namibia. It is committed to compliance with sustainability laws.

In common with other mineral resource companies, Namakwa's operations produce waste material and emissions into the atmosphere, water and soil, although the nature of alluvial mining is less intrusive on the environment than kimberlite mining and the mining of other natural resources such as copper, oil and gas. Nonetheless, there are environmental laws in South Africa, Angola, the DRC and Namibia that apply to Namakwa's mining projects and Namakwa makes stringent efforts to ensure it is in material compliance with such legislation.

Namakwa's mining methods give it advantages which enable it to mine in a way that does not lead to environmental damage, and this is an important consideration for the company. Alluvial mining does not require the use of hazardous chemicals, and environmental liabilities are significantly lower than other forms of mining. Shallow, open cast mines also mitigate ultimate environmental liability.

Namakwa currently uses borehole water at its operations which is returned to mined out areas with more than 80 percent returned to the water table. When new plants are installed, water is recirculated and fresh water constitutes just 20 percent of required volume. Meanwhile, backfill of mined ore is part of current processes to ensure low impact mining.

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