Garavelli Aldo | Print |

Italian fine jewellery maker Garavelli Aldo has taken a step towards sustainable development which it hopes other manufacturers will follow. It has launched an eco-friendly, hand-crafted collection called Globo.
The jewellery is different because it uses18K gold bought from small-scale mines that are committed to avoiding the harsh environmental and social impact of industrial mining operations.

HSSE by Gem Diamonds, Democratic Republic of Congo, South Africa, Indonesia | Print |

Gem Diamonds’ sustainable development program includes commitments to health, safety, Corporate Social Responsibility and the environment, which it collectively calls HSSE. Its HSSE policies include minimising risk to people, assets and the environment in which the firm operates; fostering mutual respect and establishing long-term and sustainable relationships between the company and surrounding communities; and ensuring that the company will make a sustainable contribution to the countries and communities affected by its operations.

Namakwa Diamonds’ commitment to the environment, South Africa, Angola, Congo (DRC) and Namibia | Print |

Namakwa Diamonds has mining operations in South Africa, Angola, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Namibia. It is committed to compliance with sustainability laws.

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