Youth recreation and education by Rockwell Diamonds, South Africa | Print |

Rockwell Diamonds which mines diamonds in South Africa believes in sharing the value created from its operations with a wider set of stakeholders through the alignment and linkage of its business and its social responsibilities. Rockwell's aim is to conduct business in a way that achieves sustainable growth while demonstrating a high degree of social responsibility by working with the community and the environment in which it operates.

Among the projects undertaken by Rockwell are the purchase of sporting equipment for youths; allowing its heavy earth-moving equipment to be used for projects such as the clearing of roads, and the preparing of sport fields. It has also presented an HIV/AIDS awareness program at schools near its mining operations which is part of an anti-crime initiative at local schools.

The firm has sponsored a series of interpretative displays which forms part of a self-guided tour through the old digging remains at Canteen Kopje, Barkley West. Canteen Kopje was the first diamond digging site in Barkley West and is a proclaimed national monument and open air archaeological museum. In addition, it has sponsored a school bus for transporting learners to school as part of a school development program. The school bus enables learners to take part in various school excursions and sporting events in the district.

Rockwell has developed a play park for the Windsorton community in collaboration with the local municipality and the South African Police Service, Windsorton branch. This project forms part of the anti-crime project currently implemented in Windsorton. This current playpark is the only dedicated recreational facility available for the 1,200 primary school learners in the community.