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Wal-Mart, one of the largest jewellery retailers in the United States, has recognised the potential damaging impact on the environment and communities from jewelry production including mining, refining, polishing, and cutting and manufacturing. As a means of promoting more sustainable practices in the jewelry supply chain, Wal-Mart has established a jewelry sustainability group, aimed at providing its customers with affordable, quality products that have less impact on communities and the environment.

As a means of embedding sustainability principles into its business, Wal-Mart's jewelry division has set expectations for the reduction of waste generated; increasing the amount of recyclable materials in packaging; optimizing logistical arrangements in transporting goods to stores; and launching the Love, Earth jewelry brand, the result of a pilot project in which a transparent supply chain is in place that ensures the gold and silver used in the jewelry is from mines of known origin.

Love, Earth aims to show that large-scale retailers and their suppliers, right down to the mine, can work together to produce and deliver affordable, quality jewelry made from gold and silver that is traceable and comes from mines that meet Wal-Mart's environmental and social criteria. In the future, Wal-Mart will include diamond jewelry in the Love, Earth collection. Love, Earth aims to prove that business can make a positive contribution to sustainable development and is willing to demonstrate transparency in the jewelry supply chain. This project, therefore, is a first step on our path to greater sustainability in the firm's supply chain.

Customers who purchase a piece from the Love, Earth collection will be able to trace the origin of the gold and silver used in their jewelry by going to and follow the instructions on screen. They find a tracking number on a tag attached to the piece of Love, Earth jewelry.