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Shore Gold recognizes and respects the inherent value of the environment in which it works, and seeks to minimize the impact of its operations on the environment through strategic planning, implementation of best management practices and innovation, while continually seeking to improve the quality of its environmental practices.

In planning its work, it considers the environment as an integral part of all stages of project planning. It collects and analyzes relevant environmental information to understand the potential effects of its activities on the environment, and evaluates alternatives and maintains flexibility in project design to reduce its environmental footprint where practical.

The firm makes efforts to implement and follow environmental best management practices, and educates employees in environmental best management practices and permit conditions relevant to their work. It promotes a shared responsibility for environmental management with all employees and continually monitors, evaluates and modifies its environmental practices and procedures where applicable.

Shore Gold aims to use innovative solutions to reduce its environmental footprint by reducing, reusing and recycling wastes; maximizing the benefits of any resource utilized; and evaluating procedural alternatives and new technologies.

After mining operations have come to an end, Shore Gold works to ensure decommissioning, closure and reclamation. These include the removal of buildings, equipment, materials, and industrial wastes/contaminated soil. Some materials, such as concrete footings, are buried on site after the removal of any industrial wastes.

Shore Gold makes efforts to secure the reclamation of land no longer needed for mining activities, and top dressing and re-vegetation of surfaces with native species. Water treatment ponds are removed; open pits are allowed to fill naturally with groundwater; and there is replacement of lost fish habitat. Finally, there is post-closure monitoring to ensure the land is returned to productivity.

There is continuous environmental monitoring, with staff on site at all periods of operation carrying out monitoring and regular sampling of air quality, surface and groundwater quality and flows, vegetation, wildlife and wildlife habitat, geophysical (ground) stability of processed kimberlite stockpiles. Shore Gold monitors the socio-economic and cultural impact of its work, and makes regular reports to the Ministry of Environment and other government agencies, and carries out continuous reclamation (replanting) operations.


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