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The Soweto Jewellery School is the third initiative of the Imfundiso Skills Development, a non-governmental organisation that runs various community-based jewellery training programmes across the country. It was established at the South West Gauteng College’s George Tabor Campus, and classes started in January 2004 with a roll of 15 students.

Anglogold Ashanti has, over the past few years, enjoyed a relationship with Imfundiso Skills Development. Imfundiso Skills Development approached Anglogold Ashanti to sponsor a second jewellery workshop in Soweto, which would allow the enrolment of another class of learners.

The school programme offers a two-year jewellery manufacturing course for the purposes of fast-tracking unskilled, unemployed and inexperienced youths into jewellery and craft manufacturing. On completion of the programme, they may enter the industry as employees at established manufacturers, start their own ventures with Imfundiso support, or enrol for further study at universities of technology.

Imfundiso Skills Development is an organisation that provides knowledge and skills provision. It was established to give sustainable solutions to the growing problems of poor quality and unsustainable knowledge and skills provision by a growing number of local and foreign conference organisers and education and training providers.

Imfundiso is a privately owned black company, with all shares owned by blacks. Since gender equality is also an important shared value of Imfundiso, women hold 25 percent of the company's shares.

Imfundiso's vision is the provision of valid, reliable and sustainable knowledge and skills development resources that will contribute significantly to learning and socio-economic transformation on the African continent.


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