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The "Big Hole" project is a large part of De Beers’ social investment programme. It aims to provide a world class tourist facility in Kimberley and support sustained employment and business opportunities. Designed to provide both an educational and tourism resource, the project is a joint venture between De Beers, the provincial government, the Sol Plaatje and Frances Baard district municipalities and Northern Cape and Kimberley Tourism.

The Kimberley "Big Hole" project includes an historical precinct that tells the story of early Kimberley and incorporates 13 new small businesses, with 60 percent Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) ownership in total. It will also include a world class visitor centre focusing on the story of the "Big Hole", De Beers and diamonds.

Throughout the R50 million (US$7.8 million) project, De Beers has spent more than R24 million (US$3.8 million) on BEE companies during construction alone, and R30 million (US$4.7 million) on companies based locally in Kimberley. Over R13 million (US$2 million) of this spend was with local BEE companies. During the construction phase, some 400 jobs were created.

The facility has created permanent jobs in the region. The visitor centre has created 25 new positions, all of which were filled by members of the local community reflecting the demographics of South Africa. The project is expected to increase the number of visitors to Kimberley and will be of socio-economic benefit to the Kimberley community and the Northern Cape. Management of the project will be undertaken by a multi-stakeholder Section 21 (not for profit) organization which will act as a custodian for the new facility on behalf of the people of Kimberley. It will include representatives from De Beers, the local community and other stakeholders including government.{mosimage}

"Sustainability is the key to the success of the new tourist attraction, and the company's commitment to this has already been a catalyst for further investment in the area by others. There are plans for a conference centre, a 100-room hotel, a winery and further tourism-related development, potentially adding up to R300 million in further investment around the ‘Big Hole’," said Roger Ketley, De Beers “Big Hole” project leader.


Contact details:

36 Stockdale Street, Kimberley 8301, South Africa

(P.O. Box 616, Kimberley 8300)

Telephone: +27 (0) 53 839 4111

Facsimile: + 27 (0) 53 839 4210/4230