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Since 1999, Namdeb has used small-scale mining contractors to mine isolated and geographically dispersed small deposits on land and in the shallow marine environment. The objectives of this initiative are to mine diamonds responsibly, share wealth more broadly and provide local employment.

Namdeb makes up-front payments to contractors based on the estimated value of the diamonds they mine. This provides additional financial security and enables contractors to plan and manage their finances with more foresight. Namdeb also liaises with local financial institutions to secure positive cash flows for contractors based on anticipated production.

Contractors are provided with geological and geophysical data as well as prospecting targets and charts to maximize diamond yield and benefits for all involved. Technical support is complemented by management support for potential contractors, including the compilation of business plans and cash flow projections.

The Contractors Treatment Facility (CTF) built by Namdeb in Luderitz, Namibia in 2004 is audited on an annual basis and open for inspection by contractors while their production is being treated. Continued improvements in the CTF have resulted in steady and continued growth of the sector, which currently provides direct employment for 128 people.


Contact details:

Head Office, Tenth Floor, Namdeb Centre

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Windhoek, Namibia

Telephone: (+264) 61 204 3333

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External Affairs and

Corporate Communications

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