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Established as a joint venture with the Cullinan Mine in 2001, the Cullinan Jewellery School is South Africa’s first jewellery design and manufacturing skills transfer project. Historically disadvantaged individuals enroll at a tertiary level and receive training that allows them to either find employment in the formal jewellery sector or to start their own jewellery manufacturing and retailing businesses.

The training school on a diamond mine was established by Imfundiso Skills Development (ISD) at the Cullinan Diamond Mine (previously Premier Mine) in 2001. The campus is situated about 35 kilometers east of Tshwane (Pretoria), in the Gauteng Province.

The school started operations with 15 students in 2001, and recruited another 15 in 2002. By the end of 2003, it had a roll of 30 students.

The project has to date trained 35 youths who are currently active in the economic mainstream of the country.

Imfundiso Skills Development is an organisation that provides knowledge and skills provision. It was established to give sustainable solutions to the growing problems of poor quality and unsustainable knowledge and skills provision by a growing number of local and foreign conference organisers and education and training providers.

Imfundiso is a privately owned black company, with all shares owned by blacks. Since gender equality is also an important shared value of Imfundiso, women hold 25 percent of the company's shares.


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